Artwork by Volker Kühn

All the way to his motto “One must only make” Volker Kühn favorable crafts objects, which are unique in their variety and precision. Those large and small scaled scenarios are arranged in cabinets, which he furnishes with frame and passepartout, like a picture.

Kühn’s miniature worlds show life in all its facets.
Thematically, he addresses almost any sector. He restages interpersonal relationships, the smaller and bigger disasters of everyday life as well as wordplay are used by him ingenious and humorous, like he seizes the diversity of arts and gives it a new interpretation.
Volker Kühn loves the clarity of shape like shown by Mondrian and Malewitsch, but also the “Action Paintings” of Jackson Pollock and otherwise the “color-spirit” of Sam Francis. He appreciates the reduced objects by Brancusi and he is captivated by the blue of Yves Klein. With great delight in detail, little stages arise. Thereby his inexhaustible inventiveness is fed by sensitive Observation and the joy of life.

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Volker Kühn – Biography

Volker Kühn, born 1948 in Neuenkirchen (Germany); he studied from 1968 to 1972 at Bremen University of Design in the field of “sculpture” with Prof. Schreiter.
After his exam in 1972, he worked in his own atelier.
With his kinetic light objects, he is already represented at Leopold Hösch-Museum of Düren in 1973 as well as in the association of arts in Unna, Germany.
In 1974, he receives an award by Bremen Senate.
He gained the first prize at competition of Bremen University of Nautics in 1976 with his contribution for “public arts” where he presented his light-objects.
Since 1976, Volker Kühn increasingly turns to drawings and graphical printings. The first miniature etchings develop and numerous exhibitions in Europe and around the world were following.
Ever since 1986, he is working on his object arts, with which he celebrates great success until today. His artworks tell of the joy and sorrow of any human being: Snapshots, which are able to put a smile on the face of the spectator, find themselves on these small stages. Thematically, his work is hard to isolate – the artist exposes stereotyped ideas in an ironical way, directs the view to human shortcomings, which we experienced very often in our own or other’s lives. Winking, he establishes some kind of distance of the spectator and his own weaknesses, his joy, love and the striving for success.
In 1994 releases his first book “The Objects” – further books were following.
To this day, Volker Kühn and his objects are represented at international exhibitions – like the “Art Expo” in New York and Los Angeles. His objects are exhibited at numerous well-known galleries around the globe.