Flossis by Rosalie

Flossis by the artist Rosalie are known far beyond the boundaries of Düsseldorf, Germany. In this city on the Rhine, the Flossis became famous. Many buildings’ outer walls are decorated with these figures. Flossis by Rosalie come in different variants of small to large and they are popular among young and old. Flossis are made of resin and resist temperatures under -15 degrees. Below that, they should be brought to the warm inside of the building. The currently most sold Flossi, is the “type I” in red, like shown in the following illustration.

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Biography of Rosalie

The artist Rosalie

Rosalie made a name, not just throughout Germany but especially at an international level. To date her life is affected by high level engagement and numerous works and achievements. Without doubt, Rosalie is one of the most famous and most accepted artists in Germany. She dedicated her youth devotedly to her studies of German language and history of art. So she managed to build a fundament to her own future very early. In the period after her studies, she worked as a freelance artist in and around Stuttgart, Germany. Quickly, numerous exhibitions were following, so that Rosalie was able to not only inspire but also set a course for other people. Through her work at theatres and operas, Rosalie made a name throughout the whole world.

Her creations for the play “Ring des Nibelungen” by Richard Wagner are the best known and most successful ones. Without doubt, Rosalie managed to establish herself in the world of art. The probably biggest award for her artworks and her life as artist she achieved in 2008. Rosalie and her several creations were awarded with the “European Kulturpreis” of the cultural foundation “Pro Europa”. From here on, the elation for Rosalie sustained for many years. Due to her natural occurrence in various media, she not just gained the affection of other artists but also of many people around the globe. Up to now, she gets herself involved intensely on various levels, so that she succeeds to keep alive the traditions of arts as well as incorporating them into nearly each of her artworks. She preserved her own style since today. The success of her various plays and artworks cannot just be explained but also brought into focus by her love of art.